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Unknown, presumably October 2012

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Working Employee, Acting Main Coder, Monster Manager/Mangler

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Summary Edit

Geistermagier is a developer at PoyoGames who works on the maps and monsters for VoxeLand. Only two maps have been created so far, however these are very large maps. The first is Schpinne Woods, and the other is The Overlands. Geistermagier also owns the only copy of RPGMaker, the game development engine, and so is the acting main coder. However, this will change in future, as the other members of the Dev Team acquire the engine. Geistermagier is currently working on converting Schpinne Woods and the Overlands into a digital format.


  • Geistermagier, along with Poyoarya is the one responsible for all of the horrible puns in the game.[1]



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